Uncle Red Hullinger and his song about Vivian Blue

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Red's Songs



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Red Hullinger - The 2000 reunion tapes. Digitally remastered.

By Stan Wasilik


Our Singing Cowboy Uncle Red often sang this song to his nephews and nieces.

I was born about 10,000 years ago,

There ain't nothin in this world that I don't know,

I saw Peter Pan and Moses dancin Ring around the Roses,

And I'll Whip the man who says it isn't so.

And then all the collected Nieces and Nephews gleefully and loudly would say, "It isn't so!!!"

And Red would glare at us in mock anger.

Which we loved.


Another song that Neil Hullinger loved for Red to play when Audrey was present.

Oh I wouldn't take her to a dog fight, 

or any other place I've ever been,

Oh I wouldn't take her to a dog fight,

Not even if she had a chance to win.

And Neil would gleefully watch Audrey, hoping for a response. 


Vivian Blue
by Red Hullinger

Sitting in the horse barn talking with Joe,
Said he had a filly that could really go
But to take her to the track would take a lot of dough
Asked his wife and his wife said “No”

  Kids need shoes
  and Joe hates missing those meals

So he devised a unique scheme
That would fulfill a lot of people’s dreams
Of getting in the sport of kings
We all know as horse-racing

  Being a big shot
  Hanging round the trick
  Trying to get in the big picture

So here’ what we did with this little mare
He told Frenchie & & Barb to go sell shares
We ended up finding quite a few
Proud new owners of Vivian Blue

  ’27 of ‘em.
 High rollers
 Making two dollar show bets

So we took her to the track and we gave her a start
She acted like a horse with a racehorse heart.\
We all decided she could run some
So it’s look out Omaha, here we come

  Going big time
  Churchill Downs

Well, we all know we won’t win every out
And if we take up the rear we’re not going to pout
When somebody wins, somebody loses
With this many owners, there’s a lot of excuses

  Boxed in
  Comin’ on
  But never once outrun

Here’s a little advice for Vivian Blue
Just remember there’s a market for dogfood and glue
And all you got to do for us all to have fun
Is get out of the gate and stick your nose out and run

  Stay sound
  Eat your oats
  And don’t suck wind.
copyright Ellis "Red" Hullinger

Red could do two or three dead hang pullups with either arm. I have never seen another big man strong enough to do that.

Ellis "Red" Hullinger

Cowboy, Sailor, Guitar Player

Boxer, Jokester, Small Kid Roper

Shooter, Singer, Hot Rod Maker

Thanks for everything

Your Nieces and Nephews


Ballad of the Wheatlands
 By Meribee Erickson

1.  When first I leased a piece of land, Dad told me short and sweet,
   "Son, bet your roll on cards or dice--not on growin' wheat."
    But I was young and full of dreams.  I paid his words no heed.
    I sowed my crop, and what a crop!  Not even next year's seed.

First Chorus:  
Fields of wheat, lush and waving, greeny-gold of ripening wheat.
Bringing dreams of bumper harvests for all a hungry world to eat.
Golden dreams that sometimes end in winter storms or desert heat.
Still the dreams of life go onward. Magic fields of growing wheat.

2.  So year by year I planted wheat and played for bigger stakes.
   Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost, in farmin' that's the breaks.
   Now when I lost the loss was mine.  Nobody claimed a share.
   But when I won they stood in line, with all of Main Street there.

3.  I went in debt for big machines to break the prairie sod,
   And what I had belonged to me--me, and the bank, and God.
   I prized my independence then for that's the kind I am,
   Until I cut a partner in.  I call him Uncle Sam.

4.  Yet when it's April on the plains, with sun and gentle rain
    A fairer sight you'll never see--a good young stand of grain.
    Each year the miracle takes place before our mortal sight
    The earth grown young and green again--creation overnight!

Final Chorus:  
Fields of wheat lush and waving, tender kernels in the head
Days of harvest with the wheat smell clean and good as fresh-baked bread.
And the chewy taste of wheat grains spilling forth in lavish streams
There's gold in them thar fields, boys, gold to match your wildest dreams.


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